M400 metal 3D printer
Maximum molding size (width x depth x height) 400mmx400mmx400mm

Technical parameters

Maximum molding size (width x depth x height) 400mm x 400mm x 400mm

Laser type Ytterbium fiber laser

Laser power ≥1000W

The laser spot is about 90 microns in diameter

Powder layer thickness 20-100 microns (adjustable)

Manufacturing speed 2-30 cubic cm/hour

Optical system F-Theta lens, high speed scanning lens

Built-in integration of nitrogen generator

Nitrogen and argon automatic switching device is built in system

Gas protection system Advection fume recovery system

Gas filtration system Automatic induction protection gas filtration system

Scraper device carbon fiber brush scraper, ceramic scraper, high speed steel scraper

Paving powder way horizontal bidirectional paving powder

Scanning System Scanlab Galvanometer scanning system

The temperature detection system in the warehouse scans the whole format actively

Powder removal system liquid vacuum powder removal system

Product size

Equipment (width x depth x height) 5,351mm x2.200mm x 2,355mm

Recommended minimum installation space 6.5m x 6m x 2.9m(L x W x H)

It weighs about 3,240 kilograms

Data preparation

Software Windows OS /EOSRPTools; PSW

Data format STL file or other convertible format

Network Ethernet

Pre-processing software Magics Rp Professional edition

Can process a wide range of materials

EOS ParameterSets Data Analysis Software for Manufacturing Parts (PPPS)

An open parameter development kit for the development of new materials.