Three dimensional scanner

Three dimensional scanner

Portable 3D scanner is specially developed and manufactured for industrial 3D scanning digital detection. It is suitable for the whole process and domain digital processing of 3D detection. The XTOM portable 3D scanner offers high precision detail measurement performance and industrial-grade stability for high precision data measurement in a variety of demanding environments.

Industrial grade blue light technology high stability portable number reader

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The importance of industrial 3D scanning technology for industrial testing is becoming more and more important. There are more and more measurement data to be evaluated and processed. The traditional measurement tools cannot meet the needs of modern industry. 

As a veritable high-speed, three-dimensional 3D scanner, the 9M 3D scanner was developed and designed specifically for industrial applications. Even under harsh conditions, it can provide high precision measurement data in a short time. 

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XTOM 3D optical scanning measurement system 

In the aspect of industrial automation, XTOM can integrate a variety of models of automatic turntable, automatic joint arm use, large mass components for high-precision automatic measurement. 


XTOM adopts blue light narrow-domain wavelength projection technology. When scanning, the CCD only accepts the light of blue wavelength, which avoids the interference of ambient light, so more accurate measurement data can be obtained. Use high brightness light source probes, even those with poor surface quality 

The workpiece can also be measured quickly. 

High speed high precision 

XTOM provides superior data quality and highly accurate measurement results. Each measurement can get a three-dimensional point cloud with global distribution. The resolution of the camera can reach 9 million pixels or higher, and the relevant data can be obtained within 1-2 seconds, which is very high 

Detail features, very small features on a part can also be measured. 

High stability 

XTOM adopts integrated shell design, precision work, can effectively protect the probe inside the industrial camera and lens and other precision parts from dust and splashing. The system is developed and designed for industrial applications and is suitable for the demanding application requirements of all electronic elements 

Parts are designed and manufactured with high technological standards. Even under strict conditions, it can still provide high precision measurement data in a short period of time. Industrial-grade transmission line interfaces enhance the reliability of the measurement process and ensure uninterrupted data transmission. 

Self monitoring mechanism 

XTOM is able to identify changes in environmental conditions during the measurement process and compensate accordingly. In addition, the system continuously monitors the calibration status, stitching accuracy, environmental changes and displacement changes to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the measurement data. 

Mobile type measurement 

XTOM can not only move with the help of a support, but also be applied to automatic mechanical equipment. Diversified application ways help it to complete various forms of measurement tasks: such as the detection of sheet metal parts, tooling, turbine blades, prototypes, injection parts and press parts. 

The application case 

The car industry 

With the rapid development of China's economy, the automobile industry also ushered in a spurt of development. In recent years, the number of cars in China has been on the rise, and the car market, which contains a wide range of business opportunities, has become a big stage for many manufacturers to wrestle. 

Due to the need of shortening product production cycle and cost control, enterprises are seeking more efficient solutions in project development, preliminary sample inspection and production process control. Led secco remit gen optical measurement solutions throughout each core process of automobile manufacture, the new model of the material, the dynamic simulation analysis, the high precision of prediction and control of the mould, the size of the stamping and welding inspection, to auto batch pipeline detection, etc., led secco remit gen with professional technology and rich experience in industry application, power automobile manufacturing to achieve efficient operation. 

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Car design 

Modern automobile design, covering automobile concept design, sludge model manufacturing, vehicle appearance CAD design and other links, with the development of technology, the ideal design needs economic and functional coordination, can quickly transform the innovative design concept into CAD data. The XTOM-Matrix 3D scanner is an ideal measurement system designed based on these requirements. 

Fast and accurate scanning 

Reverse engineer, get the perfect database 

Obtain surface and contour data 

Accelerate the formation of design concepts and promote the simulation process 

Automobile power train 

Engine and transmission are the main components of a car's powertrain, and they are also the most important and complex parts of the whole car, equivalent to the heart of the human body. Therefore, it is very important to plan a perfect powertrain measurement solution to ensure the quality and performance of automobile power and even the whole vehicle. 

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Auto parts and components 

The automobile is an electromechanical hybrid complex system composed of tens of thousands of parts, there are curved complex parts, there are thin-walled parts, there are parts covered with special coatings, there are flexible parts. With the improvement of automobile manufacturers' requirements for measurement efficiency and quality, many challenges have been posed to the tools and techniques of measurement and detection. 

Shape inspection of plastic parts 

Shape inspection of stamping parts 

Casting and forging inspection 

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Automobile body and assembly 

The measurement of automobile body and assembly manufacturing is mainly reflected in welding and final assembly and other links. Through professional three-dimensional optical measurement technology, the matching and optimization of body and interior parts can be realized, and the precision of sheet metal parts processing shape can be made to ensure that every detail of the completed vehicle is perfect. 

Vehicle body forming and testing 

Measuring tools, fixtures and fixing devices 

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Forging and casting industry 

In order to meet the quality requirements of forging and casting industry, the production process and quality control of forging and casting increasingly rely on three-dimensional measurement. Xtom-matrix 3D scanner has been widely used in sand casting, die casting and investment casting processes, from digital simulation verification, speeding up the process of mold trial and first piece inspection, to production control and numerical control processing, to ensure the process quality is stable and consistent. 

Xtom-matrix 3D scanner is different from the traditional 3D coordinate and joint arm. It uses dense point cloud to record the overall surface of the workpiece, and its polygonal mesh can accurately describe the surface and geometry of any shape, so as to realize the comprehensive analysis of the workpiece. 

Generate a 3D polygon network 

Used as a full geometry backup and induction 

Effective replication model 

Applied to reverse engineering 

The generated polygons can be processed directly 


With the function of data editing and checking 

Analyze quality control, evaluate initial inspection and material allowance control 

Drawing comparison and size control 

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Provide a full report 

The three - dimensional measurement data and inspection data are clear 

The measurement results are saved for easy inquiry, discussion and analysis 

The quality control 

Computer aided design CAD 

Mould manufacturing 

First piece inspection/batch production inspection 

Material thickness analysis 

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3C products have strict requirements on shape, quality and delivery time. Thanks to the trend of lightweight parts and reduced manufacturing costs, 3D optical detection technology is used to control the quality of plastic parts with large batch size, complex shape and easy deformation, etc., which has attracted more and more attention from manufacturers. 

Regardless of the size of the measurement object, XTOM-Matrix 3D scanner can detect the overall profile of prototype, workpiece, mold and injection parts through non-contact measurement. Compared with contact measurement technology, this measurement method can capture the complex free-form surface contour of the measured object more quickly and completely. 

Product development and design 

With 3D geometry measurements, reverse engineering can be achieved and parts and die geometry can be adjusted in existing CAD. 

Initial sample test 

It can quickly analyze the shape and dimension of the sample, and issue a complete measurement and test report to ensure that no area of the sample will be missed. 

Batch production inspection 

Xtom-matrix 3D scanner has flexible measurement position, which can be directly used in the production process to obtain measurement results quickly. 

Sheet metal forming 

In the field of sheet metal forming industry, optical measurement has become an essential part of quality assurance work, in product design, tool manufacturing, mold testing and production control management 

It plays an important role in the key process. By relying on the XTOM-Matrix 3D scanner, manufacturers can obtain relevant quality information during sheet metal processing to ensure that a roll of raw materials eventually becomes a quality product. 

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Design /CAD aided design and simulation 

With 3D geometry measurements, reverse engineering can be achieved and parts and die geometry can be adjusted in existing CAD. 

Measurement of component geometry 

(modified) mold measurement 

The springback compensation 

Accelerate product development process 

Test plan on CAD 

Mold design and testing 

3D digital technology helps users and has advantages in tool manufacturing and maintenance. 

Targeted correction tools 

Material thickness difference 

The springback compensation 

Update CAD data 

Wear control, maintenance and repair 

Inspection and analysis of product parts 

The application of 3D optical measurement in sheet metal inspection has been widely recognized. It is a perfect metrological solution suitable for sheet metal inspection and quality control. 

First article inspection 

Measurement of geometric dimension and material thickness 

The springback analysis 

Automatic quality control 

Process and wear control 

Statistical analysis and output

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