P770 nylon automatic printer
Maximum molding size (width x depth x height) 700mm x 380mm x 580mm

Technical parameters

Maximum molding size (width x depth x height) 700mm x 380mm x 580mm

Laser type carbon dioxide laser, 2×70 watts

Optical scanning System Scanlab high performance galvanometer

Scanning speed up to 2×10 m/s

The thickness of powder layer is 0.06-0.10-0.12-0.15-0.18 mm

Manufacturing speed up to 32 mm/h

Power Supply and Consumption power current 32 Amp/Max power 12 kW (normal 3.1 kW)

Built-in integration of nitrogen generator

Compressed air supply 7bar; 20 cubic meters per hour

The support structure is not required

Product size

Equipment (width x depth x height) 2,250mm x 1,550mm x 2,100mm

Recommended installation space Minimum 4.8m x 4.8m x 3.0m(L x W x H)

It weighs about 2,300 kilograms

Data preparation


Windows Operating System

EOS RP Tools; The DESKTOP PSW. EOSTATE 1.2; MagicsRP(Materialise)

Data format STL file or other convertible format

Network Ethernet

The quality of

The improved digital scanner leaves no visible edges in overlapping areas.

The integrated cooling station provides better cooling conditions and enables the final production of components to achieve excellent performance, especially in terms of dimensional accuracy and color stability.

Continuous accurate temperature control through a pyrometer.